Policy Forum

The Bonhoeffer Institute is currently creating a “think tank” for articulating public policy from a biblical worldview perspective. There is a growing need for consistent, courageous and cogent biblical answers for today’s pressing questions.

These questions extend far beyond the expected social concerns of abortion and marriage, but extend into many areas of current political debate. For example, does the Bible speak to:

– Immigration reform and policy

– Tax policy and appropriate percentages

– Gun control and self-defense

– Just war and military intervention

– Religious liberty and pluralism

– Property rights and individual liberty

– Church/State involvement or intervention from either institution

– Pastors 1st amendment freedoms or restrictions

– Eminent Domain issues and Church Taxation

– Prison reform, incarceration policy, and justice concerns

These topics, along with a host of others, demand a biblical (Christian) perspective at the table of public debate. The Bonhoeffer Institute is forming a response team to potential government legislation, media analysis, and citizen’s concerns with regards to public policy. It is critically important to have an articulate response team to defend biblical values as well as promote those values within the governmental arena.