1. To provide a Scriptural and theological foundation for cultural engagement, political involvement, and moral reformation.

2. To reactivate the prophetic role of the pulpit and the Church to the culture at large.

3. To underscore the historic role of pastors and Christian civic leaders in public policy.

4. To clearly articulate the Biblical position on key cultural issues and challenges.

5. To offer practical help to pastors from pastors in engagement of the culture.

6. To offer offensive strategies through experience and policy position papers in reforming the culture and restoring a Christian worldview and ethic.

7. To inspire pastors and Christian leaders to be involved in reformation of the culture and provide leadership to the Church.

8. To formulate and promote practical public policy based on biblical foundations.

9. To publish through various media outlets a cogent and intelligent advocacy for the reformation of culture to a Judeo-Christian foundation.

10. To provide the spiritual support to those courageous pastors and Christian leaders who are influencing by their Christian Faith in the civic arena.